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Progress: Now You Can Scam Your Wedding Guests

New ways to be unethical appear constantly. Now, according to an Associated Press story, you can save money by deceiving your wedding guests.

That is because increasing numbers of penny-pinching love birds are renting fake wedding cakes from a clever, ethically-reprehensible company called Fun Cakes. The cakes are large, beautiful, impressive and inedible, being made from plastic foam covered by gum paste and frosting. “The only difference is the inside. Nobody can tell,” says Kimberly Aya, the Fun Cakes owner. There is even a secret compartment to hide a real slice of cake, which the bride and groom will eat after the traditional cake-cutting, or rather the not-so-traditional fake-cake-cutting-so-the-guests-think-it’s-a-spiffy-wedding-when you’re-really-too-cheap-to-buy-a-nice-cake ceremony. Then the cake is carried away, supposedly for slicing into servings for the guests, but really so nobody will know that the cake they’ll be eating comes from a Betty Crocker mix and was baked over a light bulb in an “Easy-Bake oven.”

So the wedding guests take the time to come, cheer and celebrate a new marriage, hand over their gifts, checks and good wishes, and get scammed for their trouble. Perhaps the next product from Fun Cakes will be realistic hams and turkeys that can be shown to gullible guests while they are fed horse meat. Or impressive chopped liver sculptures that have dog food inside.

Or seemingly friendly, generous, grateful newlyweds who are really cheapskates who respond to generosity and good wishes with deception.

No, wait: we have those already!

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