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Sources: Ethics Scoreboard is an opinion and commentary site. Facts re-printed here for the purpose of commentary have appeared in a major US daily newspaper or news magazine, or have been checked for accuracy at two or more secondary sources. When Ethics Scoreboard can find only one on-line source but deems a particular story worth of comment, it will attempt to provide a link to that source.

New Facts: If subsequent events render earlier commentary moot, incorrect, or unfair, Ethics Scoreboard will take one of three steps: 1) Issue a follow-up commentary, linking to the original item, 2) Revise the original piece to reflect the new information, 3) In rare cases, when the commentary is irredeemable, delete the piece. There is too much erroneous material on the web as it is without intentionally adding to it.

Client Conflicts: Because it is operated by ProEthics, LTD, an ethics training and consulting firm, Ethics Scoreboard will occasionally be faced with a conflict of interest when a client company is involved in an ethics controversy. In such circumstances, Ethics Scoreboard will recuse itself from commentary, stating the reason with as much detail as possible.

Corrections: Ethics Scoreboard will make any substantive corrections as soon as possible, once a reader brings them to our attention. Please send any corrections to:



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