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Kyle Paxman
(September 2006)

After four years of dating, Kyle Paxman’s boyfriend popped the question But just six weeks before the wedding, Paxman discovered that her fiancé was a two-timing Lothario, so she called it off.

She and her mother began the sad and annoying process of canceling the large wedding reception, only to find that much of the expense was already in the books. They were going to be charged for the rooms, the food and the bar tab, so Kyle made a decision that marks her as an Ethics Hero. She turned her misfortune into a selfless gift to others, and transformed the aborted wedding reception into a charity event. One-hundred and twenty-five invitees were asked to come to the party, and contribute to the Vermont Children’s Aid Society and CARE USA. That they did, and generously.

Cynics may point out that it was a shrewd move as well as a charitable one, because there are some tax deductions that the transformation of her reception into a charity event made possible, and they reduced the financial pain of what would have otherwise been a total loss. Never mind; there is no rule that says that conduct can’t be smart and ethical too. The important thing is that at a time when most people would be thinking about their own misfortune, Kyle Paxman thought about the greater misfortunes of others, and used hers to alleviate theirs.

The Scoreboard thinks that her fiancé made a big mistake.

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