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Al Gore
(September 2005)

The Scoreboard has been tough on Former Vice President Gore in the past, but this one is an “Easy Call.” Acting at the suggestion of Dr. Anderson Spickard, his personal physician who also saved the life of his son, Gore helped airlift 270 Katrina evacuees on two private charters from New Orleans.

Rather than grandstanding or using his act of charity for publicity and political gain, Gore refused to be interviewed about the mercy missions he financed and flew on Sept. 3 and 4. As a result, they received little publicity. Gore obviously doesn’t care.

If there’s one reliable indicator that a public personality is doing something good and generous for the right reasons, this is it.

Gore has been critical of the Federal response to Katrina, but unlike most of the Monday morning quarterbacks in the political hurricane, he did a lot more than complain. He acted.


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